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Rules of

Les Rallyes du Terroir

Rules of participation
March 10, 2020 edition

1. “Les Rallyes du Terroir” are organized walks in the form of “tourist rallies” and “treasure hunts” accessible to all. They mainly take place with a means of locomotion specific to the participants.

2. Registration is required to participate. It will only be effective after registration on the website The terms of registration and the terms of payment are indicated there.

3. To participate in the “Terroir Rallies”, the participant must, in addition to registering on the website, have a working GPS and a valid email address.

4. The exact address of the place of departure, the first place visited, is mentioned on the participation voucher. The participant must enter this address in his GPS. The participant receives the coordinates of the next stop during his visit to the stop which he then encodes in his GPS. And so on, with a minimum of four stops per Rally.

5. Registration includes: Tastings at the producers visited. Participation in the drawing of lots to win a basket filled with each producer participating in the Rallye du Terroir for which registration is validated.

6. The organizer and the associated service providers decline all responsibility in the event of alcohol abuse, accident, theft, damage caused, non-compliance with the law or the highway code. All participants declare to be in order with the vehicles used and have the required titles to use them, as well as for the material necessary to participate.

7. The organizer and the service providers can in no way be held responsible for the cancellation or non-accessibility of a stage, stopover, the visit of a place or the cancellation of the Rallye du Terroir for which the participant has registered. It is agreed that the number of stops is random.


8. Cancellation of an event: In the event of cancellation of an event for any reason attributed to the organizer, the participant will be informed by email. The participant will then be offered another date / another place where their purchased ticket will be valid. No refund will be made. The organizer does not have to justify the reasons for the cancellation of an event.

9. The participant releases event organizers and service providers from all responsibilities during stops, on public roads and in private entities.

10. The costs inherent in participating in the Terroir Rallies are in no way charged to the organizer (Examples: running costs, fuel, food, telephone connection, computer connection, gps, etc ... non-exhaustive list) .

11. The organizer reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time. It is the participant's responsibility to regularly check the validity and terms of these regulations accessible via the website before and during each event.

12. Registration and / or participation in Les Rallyes du Terroir events implies unreserved acceptance of these regulations.

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